Learn Zillion: A Great Resource for Teachers and School Districts

  _804851_origLearn Zillion, has the perfect formula! Their web-based platform, showcases short videos targeting specific skills that not only help students learn but teachers teach. Learn Zillion is a fairly new start-up founded by Eric Westendorf and his partner Alix Guerrier. Together, they have come up with a phenomenal web-based educational resource featuring video lessons made by teachers. The company’s platform offers a digital curriculum for differentiating instruction in the classroom. It is a professional development space for teachers, schools and districts implementing the Common Core State Standards. This learning platform combines video lessons (3-5 minutes long), assessments, and progress reporting. Each lesson highlights a Common Core standard, starting with math in grades 3-9.

In this day and age, Learn Zillion is a mainstay in any classroom that is in the know. Learn Zillion is a learning platform that combines a vast selection of video lessons produced by over 100 highly regarded teachers. Teachers can watch these free videos to get ideas for their own classes, use them with their students, or just study the presentation techniques to learn from these master-teachers who have generated these video lessons.

imgresLearn Zillion for Students is essentially an abbreviated app version of their web-based educational resource. I started writing this as an app review; along the way it was transformed into a blog post when it became apparent that the Learn Zillion for Students app needs some fine-tuning. The table of contents search has a glitch and we will wait for an update before we promote it. In the meantime please visit their site, LearnZillion.com to see all the wonderful things going on there. The app offers a viable, digital curriculum for differentiating instruction in the classroom and it is a professional development space for teachers, schools and districts implementing the Common Core State Standards. Stay tuned, for more information about their new app and how it could transform your classroom.   App Features: * LearnZillion allows personalized learning to happen anytime and anywhere. Students can get lessons anytime, freeing up class-time for the application of skills and content. * Students can receive personalized assignments, so that they get exactly the lessons they need when they need them. * Video lessons can be saved on the device and watched later--even when the internet isn't available. * Everything that a student does in the app is also reflected in their account and their teacher's account on the web. One of the elements we really like about the Learn Zillion videos is that every video ends by summing up what the student has learned from that particular lesson!


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