Standardized Testing Tyrants – Parents Opt Out

By Marina Stenson & Jayne Clare  german classroom AUSSTEIGEN! (Opt Out in German) is all I can say, after a meeting earlier this week regarding the new proctoring mandates and lack of IEP Testing Modifications for Standardized Testing that began on Tuesday. All but extended time is VERBOTEN! It is a Misthaufen and I can translate that one for you, it means “dung heap”. Ich spreche kein Deutsch! But that’s OK, I’m not even allowed to talk about it, although no one told me NOT to write about it, for fear of ruffling anyone’s Unterhosen you are getting this perspective from a parent! It feels like a “hit & run”. The impact has taken place; no one needs to have asked for it, like it, much less respond to it, but lo & behold we do have a voice. An educational firestorm that has teachers and parents facing this situation and trying to safeguard their children whether special needs or not.  Having personally lived through the Alptraum of IEP’s - 504 Plans, I stand here and ask myself why are these plans written with acommendations for those children that cannot function under normal classroom circumstances and then completely sunk like a U-Boot by the Staat that mandates it. The entire mantra here is uniformity.  

  “We respectfully refuse to participate in the test.”

Heidi Indilecato decided to teach her son a lesson in civil disobedience.

common core compositeOn the first day of Common Core testing, some NY students sit it out according to Foxnews.comAs students across New York state began taking the 90-minute tests, parents have been given the option of keeping children from participating. But in many districts, the kids are not being allowed to use the time to read or do homework during the testing periods, which continue for the next six days. “The children should not be punished because of our fundamental right to want what’s best for their educational development,” Indelicato said. “I feel that the district is trying to use the powers of persuasion to get parents to have their kids participate in the testing.”   "It's one size fits all and that's not how children learn. Just because we are opposed to the Common Core does not mean we are opposed to better standards." We know for a fact, and there are studies to prove, that test-based criteria do not improve a student’s performance,” said Shirley Verrico, whose 13-year-old daughter Michaela, will not be takingAchtung the tests in her Williamsville Central school district. The set of standards, devised by the nation's school superintendents at the behest of the National Governors Association, seeks to set a uniform standard for grades K-12, to ensure kids all over the nation reach the same minimum level of learning. At the very least, as Americans, we still have the right to stand up for what we believe in and for that we do not. And we should not be ostracized or punished for our beliefs, yet we are... Read the full Fox News article Read more about Opting Out
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