Teacher Appreciation… Year-Round – Excerpt from Edutopia

TAWWhen I came across this blog post on Edutopia about teacher appreciation, I immediately wanted to share it. So, besides retweeting, I am posting an excerpt here in hopes that everyone reading this heads over to Edutopia and reads the full post! Wow, the author, a parent, makes an incredibly valid point in not only acknowledging teachers, but everyone involved in our schools. It starts first thing in the morning with the bus driver and goes on from there. Our children are indeed impacted by everyone in their school day!

Teacher Appreciation...Year-Round

by Gwen Pescatore President Home & School Assoc, #ParentCamp Organizer, Co-Moderator #PTchat I will start this by saying I am not a teacher (as in a career) nor do I work in a school. I am a parent. So I can’t speak first hand on how it feels to be in the classroom with the responsibilities or pressures that one experiences. BUT, I do recognize that they are there and just as with any job, it is nice to hear some positive feedback for your efforts on occasion. Constructive criticism is important for us to improve as individuals…but I believe praise and recognition help keep us going through those rough days. Days when you think you can no longer do anymore. First, as we approach Teacher Appreciation Week, I think it is important that we realize that every person in our schools needs to be included. Everyone from the secretaries to custodians to cafeteria staff to aids impacts our children and play an integral part in their education. The classroom teacher accepts the primary responsibility – but the others in the building support those efforts and have the ability to teach and model so many other skills. READ FULL POST-> images-1
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