Texting for Seniors

photoCell phones are great for seniors talking. But they're also great for messaging - and seniors are beginning to text message for real! But beware, they have their own set of acronyms... Texting for Seniors is not for those "faint of heart". I  am so totally out of it, so busy with work, I had no idea that this sort of thing existed! Who would have thought? Texting for seniors is not new, obviously, I'm just out of the loop! If you are checking this blog out then you are either out of it also, or wanting to know more about it, maybe you are an even a senior yourself! Here is a parody of texting for seniors that have been circulating for quite some time: preview 5b6c46fe7d1892e46e3e227f36055268
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1 Response

  1. It is so funny! I am senior also, and this blog is up to date…