The NEW Bluebee Pal App

bluebeepals-app-icon The NEW Bluebee Pals dedicated app is making inroads with multiple age groups with its suite of adorable minigames along with the inclusion of a vast teacher/parent resource section! You may remember recently reading about the new feature of a moving robotic head being added to these friendly, plush animals that are Bluetooth enabled and work with your phone or device. The addition of this lifelike trait paired with the Bluebee Pal app has raised the bar and is impressing teachers, therapists, and parents. Oh, and of course the kids! TeachersWithApps had the privilege of doing a demo of the app at The Village School, in Naples Florida. Meeting the principal of the lower school was an honor, during our tour it was apparent that students are encouraged to think, question, challenge, and take an active role in their learning. This is a progressive school that puts students first, it is committed to inquiry-driven teaching and the integration of digital content. We worked with a group of four-year-olds, it was hard to determine who was having more fun learning the in's and out's of the app, the teachers or the children! The opportunity to share the app first hand with a group of the toughest critics made it easy to see just how successful this app is in teaching basic life skills through interactive play! The Bluebee Pal app consists of a house with five different rooms each with distinct activities associated with what would naturally occur in each setting. For example, the living room shows the lineup of all six Bluebee Pal characters sitting on the sofa and they take turns introducing themselves as well as reinforcing vocabulary of what objects are in the room. The kitchen begins with a guided lesson where your Bluebee Pal is served a meal with all of the food groups and encourages recycling. Then the play becomes open-ended and led by the child as they explore the contents of the refrigerator and cupboards. The bathroom is where your Bluebee Pal takes a shower, dries off, brushes their teeth and certainly a popular pick! The bedrooom is obviously emphasizing bedtime, stories, sleep as well as more vocabulary words. The playroom has fun educational games including ABC’s, puzzles, building a robot, racing cars, find the Bluebee's, matching colors and more! In a parental gated area, there is access to suggested apps to use with your Bluebee Pal and resources on app reviews and more. Their is an thorough reference area as well with ideas for educators in the classroom. BTW, Bluebee is rapidly becoming the SLP's best friend! Here is what you can do with Bluebee page The app encourages exploration, role play, and use of imagination along with many basic pre-reading and math skills! The app is free whether you own a Bluebee Pal or not. Visit their comprehensive website HERE. LilyRead more about Bluebee Pals, the lush Bluetooth-enabled stuffed animals that speak, read and sing with your child. Now, these speaking stuffed animals are even more engaging as their head moves for an even friendlier experience while children play, communicate, listen and have FUN learning!
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