Robotic Head Bluebee Pal 4.0

NEW Bluebee Pal 4.0

shop-pageRobotic Head Bluebee Pal  Bluebee Pals, the lush Bluetooth-enabled stuffed animals that speak, read, and sing with your child just got better! Now, these speaking stuffed animals have a new feature, their head moves for an even friendlier experience while children play, communicate, listen and have FUN with these adorable friends! Teachers With Apps has had the honor of doing the first demo with the new Robotic Head feature which makes the plush even more expressive, charming and lovable! Lily_new-1024x1024-400x400When connected via Bluetooth through a device such as a phone or a tablet, the pals can stream any song, story, or educational application encouraging imagination and making any activity immersive and totally engaging. These amazing educational toys convey all the love and acceptance to any child in need of a friend and at the same time foster amazing educational outcomes for mainstream and special needs children. Bluebee Pals mouths move in perfect synchronization to spoken text from an app or conversation from a phone, and it is as if the animal is communicating directly with the child. The additional feature of having the head move while the Bluebee is speaking gives the child a super cozy and even more lovable plush to learn and play with! Chapter One from Elliot Foxley Book App Bluebee Pals have found a niche in educating the Special Needs child. Children with special needs (e.g. Autism, ADHD, Social Communication Disorder, etc) benefit tremendously from this interactive tool through the use of ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) apps and have made PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) somewhat obsolete. There are a number of shortcomings to lower tech devices that may not be the case for tablet computers. Pictures on laminated cards may be easily lost and require extensive amounts of time to take photos or select pictures, print, laminate, and attach Velcro. Digital apps allow the user to simply take a photo of an item for immediate use. Making communication boards/books is a snap! Also, while in public situations the digital devices are commonplace and the child with disabilities does not stand out.


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