My Mom’s the Best by Snappyant – Perfect for Mothers Day!

images-3My Mom’s the Best, by Snappyant, is simply lovely. Moms and children will want to return to this app over and over to get all warm and fuzzy with this beautiful feel-good story. Bruce Whatley's illustrations are precious, with just the right touch of humor and the interactivity is simple and pure. Rosie Smith's story is delightful and with the addition of music and realistic sounds of the wild, partnered with a sincere and inviting narration by Shawn Makris, this a keeper. This app is available in three variations - American English: My Moms the Best, in Australian English: ‘My Mum’s the Best’ and now in Spanish: Mi Mama es la Mejor. We shared this wonderful story with a handful of children of different ages and backgrounds. Smiles abounded as well as gasps of delight. All of the kids had a sparkle in their eye while viewing, and all wanted to read it again. They each had a different favorite animal and we couldn't decide who was enjoying themselves more, us or them


-Age-appropriate story for 2+ -Humorous story that will have your child coming back for more -High-quality music and sound that won’t drive you crazy -Beautiful artwork by an award-winning illustrator -Professional reading with write on text -Intuitive navigation -Simple page turning icons which only appear once animation ends so that children can focus on the story -Index page option so you can easily go to your favorite animal -Animation and sound on all pages of the story -Young fingers can touch anywhere on the Ipad screen to trigger animations -Ad-free -No in-app purchases Snappyant is a collaboration between Ana Vivas and Niki Bern, who have experience in both children’s book publishing and film. Snappyant combines these two fields to create a new visual medium for children’s books that are engaging, educational and high quality. Snappyant works with the best animators, sound designers, and artists, all of whom have worked on multiple Academy Award winning films. Their writers and illustrators are best-selling children’s book creators.    
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