Wince – Don’t Feed The WorryBug

admin-aja175Wince - Don't Feed The WorryBug, by iMaginemachine, written and illustrated by Andi Green, is an outstanding new storybook app. Worrying is an ultra-important theme and very apropos topic for today's world. The WorryWoos is a new series of books and toys created especially to promote emotional wellness in children. Wince is appealing to a broad range of ages and each individual will take away something different. This issue has yet to be addressed in any apps for children, up until now. Wince's  journey of self-awareness helps him overcome his worries and banish the WorryBug. He’s a character that will inspire anyone who’s ever had a worry no matter how old they are.
In my classroom, I used Apple TV to project the app onto the SmartBoard. This made Wince all the more powerful as the whole story filled the room! It was a great learning experience and coincidentally some of my students had the word "winced" as a vocabulary word that week! Being a special education teacher I am very aware of the importance of the social/emotional component of the child and several of my students have been going through a tough time recently. The timing for the beta-testing of this app came along at just at the right time. After the participating in Wince, there are many ingenious ways to interact, my students were asked to write a brief synopsis of the story. The responses were authentic and my students got the opportunity to practice their writing skills in a very personal way. Eyal states that the lack of highlighting and record your own features were purposely left out. "It was done intentionally that the reading was done by us and the focus was on the story and not on teaching how to read it."  We agree that it is not necessary for all app books to highlight each word read or have the record your own voice feature. Some books are meant to be listened to, what Eyal did with this app is so much more powerful than what you find in your average app book! These books portray human emotions and deal with issues that many kids struggle with. The WorryWoos is a new series of books and toys created especially to promote emotional wellness in children. The series is about getting out of your bubble and being cognizant of what you have in the here and now. It's about living your life to its fullest.
To read Teachers With Apps' interview with developer, Eyal Dessou Tzafrir, Click HERE  
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