Brave Rooney

  Brave Rooney, by Bacciz Apps - Rooney is the new kid at a new school... That right there is a story, but of course, there is more to it than that. This cute and engaging adventure about the underdog trying to fit into this superhero-studded town is one heroic tale! Rooney has moved to Majestic villa which is on the border of Normalville. His new school is full of superhero kids and Rooney is obviously the outcast. When Rooney hears the kids at Captain Majestic Memorial School recount their summer he knows he's not in Kansas anymore. Rooney tries to partake in all the brave activities, he wavers and fumbles and just doesn't fit in on the playground, he only gets hurt. Then Principal Peterson announces the big news that in Honor of National Poetry week every student will recite an original poem in front of the school. All the superheroes are terrified, but not Rooney. And that is how Rooney proves himself to be equally as brave because none of the others will go first. Everyone's AMAZED when the new kid takes center stage, and soon they all realize that Rooney also has superpowers, just in a different way. He becomes special friends with Captain Thunder Force, Commander Atomica, and General Jupiter and the story ends, lesson learned. Catchy music, amusing narration, and fun animation bring this app to life. There are settings that allow for control of interactions and the story is available in Chinese! The story was written by Gerry Renert and illustrated by Barry Gott. Rooney's story is one any kid, super-powered or not, can identify with, and the app does everything it can to make his story into an enjoyably playful experience.  
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