Technology Gets Parents “Bursting” With Joy

Technology Gets Parents “Bursting” With Joy

Guest post by Tracy Deforge

Technology is playing a huge role in the classroom today and teachers are always looking to find the newest online sites and mobile apps that will aid in teaching and communicating.  Parents of school-aged children are becoming increasingly technologically-savvy and expect to connect to their child’s classroom by way of their smartphone.  I frequently e-mail with my children’s teachers and access their information online.  My partners and I recently founded a mobile solution called Burst, which allows for secure and selective sharing of videos and photos, and it has proven to be yet another tool for teachers to add to their roster.

Through Burst, teachers can take photos and videos of classroom activities and share them with the click of a button to a pre-determined list of parents.  The parents will receive the videos/photos directly to their smartphone or e-mail account.  The best thing about the app is that it is private, meaning teachers are not posting photos on Facebook or public sites but rather, can selectively share the media with the parents who care about it most.

We have several users who are teachers and they love the app.  Mostly because they find it easy to use but also because it really enables them to let parents see their children in action in the classroom.  One user documented a school trip to Europe using Burst, sharing “Bursts” of students at historical monuments and other group outings with families back in the States.  Another uses Burst to send messages home to parents each week, where students share something they’ve accomplished. The app also has storage capabilities allowing teachers to easily organize by subject, student or event to make great end-of-the-year slide shows or student highlight reels.

Burst is free to download and is available on iPhone and Android devices. To learn more, visit

Tracy Deforge is one of the founders of Burst, a mobile solution for families.  She is a graduate of Seton Hall Law School, the founder and President of the national organization Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Boston Chapter and has completed six NYC marathons.  She is also the mother of two beautiful children.

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