Busytown Mysteries = Beloved Characters + Real Learning

admin-aja175icon_bt_transpBusytown Mysteries, by Loud Crow Interactive, has just entered the app market so if you want your children to have some great, clean, fun while strengthening their brainpower, this is the app to grab! First, it is free for the first download. Second, it has all the beloved characters that you will want to share with your own families. And third, each toontale has a specific area of learning it focuses on, with clear educational objectives. This app is being praised as being a hybrid app (part book, part activity, part kids' TV show) and features three different mysteries involving the Busytown characters. The second two mysteries are in-app purchases securely hidden from little fingers but are well worth the investment! YouTube Preview Image Join the colorful characters from Richard Scarry’s acclaimed books as they work together to solve some of Busytown’s toughest mysteries. Presented in a series of full-length interactive adventures called toontales, each Busytown mystery is designed to challenge your child’s deductive reasoning skills in a fun and informative way. Toontale 1 – The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery: Available in FREEVIEW mode Uncover the clues and test your memory to discover who’s been leaving tracks on the Busytown ski slope! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Memory Development and Recall Toontale 2 – The Mystery Present: Use your counting and matching skills to help Huckle solve the mystery behind the misplaced gift. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Number and Color Recognition Toontale 3 – The Missing Pirate Gold: Put your search and discovery powers to the test at Busytown beach and help Huckle unravel the mystery of the missing pirate gold. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Shape and Image Association

App Features:

- Each toontale includes two educational activities and three sings along karaoke sequences. - An interactive summary strengthens deductive reasoning at the end end of every toontale. - Rich, responsive animations engage children in playful interactions with the characters. - Learning tools like touch-to-speak technology, character-specific word highlighting and speech bubbles help children grasp pre-reading skills. - A fully AirPlay compatible design makes it easy to share this experience on the big screen with friends and family.  
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