Canary Learning enhances the red pen with CanaryGrading

CanaryLearningCanary Learning enhances the red pen with CanaryGrading Los Altos, October 28, 2015, Canary Learning announces the immediate availability of its grading tool, CanaryGrading. Now, along with handing out and collecting assignments, teachers can also grade student work, all within one seamless platform. Like all components in the Canary Learning platform, CanaryGrading is fully functional even when no network connection is available, allowing teachers the freedom and mobility to grade at their convenience. Canary Learning enhances the red pen with CanaryGrading, just it out! CanaryGrading takes aim at the classic red pen for grading, allowing teachers to annotate directly on student work, but then adds innovative, gesture-based features as well as auto-tabulation support to reduce teacher grading time. unnamed-5 Some of the revolutionary features in CanaryGrading include:
  • Auto-tabulated student scores: As teachers mark up the student’s work, quizzes or tests, the grades are automatically tabulated and stored in Canary Learning’s included grade book.
  • Frequently used comments: Every comment that a teacher type is recorded for reuse when grading future assignments. Comments are also recorded for each specific assignment, making future grading of the same assignment dramatically faster.
  • Multi-document support: Students can submit multiple documents or even multiple revisions of a document over time where they can then all be graded together in the grading tool, streamlining the review process.
  • Integrated workflow: Trigger student resubmission requests or message them directly without ever leaving the grading flow.
unnamed-3“CanaryGrading was built to decrease the time teachers spend in the evening and on weekends grading papers, without reducing the essential feedback that teachers provide students. Feedback is important. Feedback helps us learn as individuals, it helps us improve our products as a business, and it is critical to the growth and development of our children.” says David Vogt, Chief Technical Officer, Canary Learning. CanaryGrading is included free with every Canary Learning account and built into the native iOS application. And like all Canary Learning features, it is available offline so that teachers can work where and when they want – just like with a red pen and highlighter! ABOUT CANARY LEARNING Canary Learning is a “digital sidekick” for the teacher in the classroom, handing out materials, collecting student assignments, and managing the grading process all on one platform, on any device and is available to use wherever and whenever the teachers and students need it—even offline. Canary Learning offers equity of access without the internet, seamless integration of paper, collaboration beyond sharing files and folders and student organization and time management in one easy to use solution. Canary Learning is available as both a free, stand-alone product for individual classrooms and teachers or as a fee-based, integrated enterprise solution for schools and districts. To see a demo or to get additional information, please call 1-800-399-3981 or click on
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