My Cat at Home in the Wild – Launch of Children’s Book App:

icon175x175Launch of Children’s Book App: My Cat at Home in the Wild By  Jennifer Rogala Four Stars from and “Will be a hit with young readers... the book shows the parallels between domestic and wild cat behavior.” From “It is a unique way of teaching kids about wild animals through things they are familiar with already... It will encourage kids observing more, thinking more, and as a result, more interested in learning more about the animals.” Nominated for Global eBook Award Home Page Game PageFollow a housecat named Kingsley through her day and see how her actions and instincts are like her big cousins who live in the forests and jungles. Along the way, learn about lions, tigers, leopards. jaguars, cheetahs, cougars, and their habitats. My Cat at Home in the Wild is a story and an interactive App.
  • Play an interactive matching game
  • Do puzzles
  • Hear the sounds of the big cats in the wild.
Recommended Ages: 4-8 years Price: $1.99  Order this book app from App Store, GooglePlay, or Amazon. If you like the app, you’ll love the book. To order the paperback book or contact Jennifer visit Story Page-1 Non-Fiction Page-1                  
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