Catch the Wally – Hide and Seek Game for Curious Kids

icon175x175Catch the Wally - Hide and seek game for curious kids by Funny Yummy Studio UG is a fun game involving Wally the purple spider who likes to hide behind a brick wall in an old building's creepy basement. Behind the wall is also home to a number of his friends – a caterpillar, an ant, mice, and a family of cockroaches ready to chow down for dinner. Game play centers on selecting the brick that Wally is hiding behind. As kids pick and choose bricks, they may discover behind the wall some pretty cool things to look at and play with, but watch out for the bomb – or the game is over. IMG_2064There are no written directions other than to catch Wally, so it keeps kids in control and invested by allowing them the chance to explore and discover what to do. Spooky music accompanies play and sets the atmosphere for some fun. After viewing the old timey filmstrip where the other denizens of the wall are introduced, it's time to get busy and look for Wally. Turn off the lights and in 1, 2, 3... Wally hides and the wall appears. There are twenty chances in finding Wally. The play is random and not repetitive. With each game won, a new character/object and an animation are introduced and added behind the wall. Tap on any of the bricks to uncover what lies behind. Wally, one of the other citizens or objects, or a blank space may be uncovered. If one finds one of the other inhabitants or an object, there is a short video with interactive features. For example, have a play at the Victrola and get to experience records or join the Roach family for some fine dining. Tip: Wally may be hiding in a scene, so it’s important to check it out everything that goes on in a space. Once we found Wally hiding in some logs! Catching him is a hoot, and he begins to cry but acknowledges your win with a prize – and that is a view of the next object hidden behind the wall waiting to be discovered. There are fifteen scenes to collect in all. IMG_2067Use of the app is great for visual scanning, building attention to detail, and persistence. The game is short in duration, and this can help begin to build focus and task completion. And for some kids, this would serve as a great motivator or reward for work well done. Off screen extensions of play, of course, would be a real live hide and seek game, hiding a hidden object – with clues of getting hotter, hotter…. I would love to see in an update use of problem-solving or deductive reasoning challenges built into the game. For instance, if you hear Wally call out, to know that he’s near behind some adjoining bricks close to where he was heard. A crumb or a fly trail may also be nice to help kids find Wally. Without any clues, kids can become frustrated, and I fear may disengage. Bottom Line: Catch the Wally is delightfully fun. Recommended – for those who love fun, laughter, and the chance to explore! IMG_2061
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