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Is Screen Time Rewiring Our Kids’ Brains?

Is Screen Time Rewiring Our Kids' Brains? Childhood has changed. Gone are the days of playing outside until the streetlights come on — as long as homework is done. Childhood in the internet age is often defined by screen time, or the time spent in front of a television, computer or mobile device. On average,…
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  What can be more fun than Thinkrolls or Thinkrolls 2? Why a brand new update of Thinkrolls 2! Avokiddo has added a new chapter with 35 new levels. In addition, Eve, Cook, Chico, and Cookie have been added to the line up of characters to earn and chase through mazes of puzzling fun. In…
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Apps for Supporting Executive Functioning Skills

Scattered, disorganized, impulsive, dysregulated, and unmotivated – these are just some of the terms describing kids who may have difficulty with executive functioning skills. What’s that you ask? Executive Functioning Skills are skills that help kids wait, listen, and then prioritize what to do. Many kids are mislabeled as kids who won’t…when in reality they…
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