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Fitoons Exercise, eat healthy, and get fit!
Fitoons an app to promote healthy eating & lifestyles by Avokiddo is an essential part of every child's screentime. The proverbial wisdom "You are what you eat" has never been more clear than it is today!
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2018 ~ List of GREAT Apps for Everyday Learning

The following transcripts and quotes are from the E.A.T. chat hosted by Lauren Schwartz Enders 08/30/18. The quotes are from Lauren Scwartz Enders unless stated otherwise. The Facebook group Educational App Talk has a weekly event called EduAppTalk or E.A.T. every Thursday year-round. On 8/30/2018 the chat was hosted by Lauren Schwartz Enders, MA, CCC-SLP who is an expert in the field…
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Grandpa’s Toyshop by Fairlady Media

Grandpa’s Toy Shop is the much-awaited title for this season’s play by Fairlady Media. This installment of the Grandpa/Grandma series has Grandpa building his own toys and he desperately needs a helper to run the shop. Here, kids can sharpen their entrepreneurial skills - from choosing and refining the merchandise to the final sale, and…
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