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Student Monitoring Apps for Parents

Student Monitoring Apps for Parents While your child is at school, it's important for them to learn how to handle their education without you holding their hand. Their teacher will show them how to work independently, teach studying technique and encourage their academic growth beyond their curriculum.  Your child may do their best at school every…
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Bluebee Pals Teaching Essential Skills

 Bluebee Pals Teaching Essential Skills The founder of Bluebee Pals, Laura Jiencke, donated an entire Family Pack of the Interactive Educational Plush Learning tools and three iPads to the Southampton Day Care Center (SDCC) in Southampton, NY. As many of you know the Bluebee Pals connect to any Apple or IOS Device and pair with most…
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Bluebee Pals and Social Emotional Learning

The Every School Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) is a federal law that calls for a well-rounded (whole child) education and a shifting away from the narrow focus on academics. Under ESSA, teachers go beyond academics to cultivate positive student attitudes, values, and habits. Inter- and intra-personal (or, “social and emotional”) competencies include attitudes and…
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Thinkrolls Space by Avokiddo

Thinkrolls Space by Avokiddo Wow! A galaxy of fun awaits you with the newest addition to the popular Thinkrolls app family!  In keeping with the style of Thinkrolls 1 and 2, and Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens, Avokiddo has now lovingly created an amazingly fun and addictive puzzle adventure in outer space!   Thinkrolls Space, for ages 5+,…
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SUMMER Continuing Education ~ 6 Apps to Activate the Love of Learning

 SUMMER Continuing Education ~ 6 Apps to Activate the Love of Learning Even if you don't know it by name, you're probably familiar with the "summer slide" by reputation. This is the term used to describe the two- to three-month "regression" that students tend to experience over the summer months — especially in their reading and mathematics skills.…
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These apps will teach your kid to code

These apps will teach your kid to code The latest studies report that nearly 58,000,000 jobs that require programming knowledge will appear in the world in 10 years. We have fewer warehouse workers and more engineers. Machines can do more monotonous jobs leaving people to put more thoughts and energy into creative and exciting tasks. The 21st…
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