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Apps to Manage Student Stress

Teaching remotely has been incredibly stressful for students, teachers, and also parents!  There are a myriad of reasons why this has been a huge challenge for all involved. Right away there was a deluge, an overload of available resources and most people involved in education were overwhelmed from the start. This is true even for teachers…
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Bel Math Apps ~ Math Fraction

The company Bel Math Apps developed iPad application Math Fraction. Math Fraction is an iPad application created by independent company Bel Math Apps.
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Sentence Maker

Sentence Maker is a simple sentence-forming app that can help children learn the basics of word pairing and building basic sentences. Lots of customization available int the settings.
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DragonBox for the Older Student
DragonBox was successful in introducing abstract concepts like parentheses and simplification before giving ample practice to the students.
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10 Apps to Enhance Learning

In this golden age of educational apps, technology has transformed the classroom. No one can deny the fact that these electronic gadgets offer unique learning opportunities to students from greater engagement to an extensive learning environment outside the school.
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