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Jungle Time, Jungle Coins & Jungle Fractions

Jungle Time, Jungle Coins & Jungle Fractions  - This is a trio of stellar apps, developed by Andrew Short, of Jungle Education, and former Microsoft program manager and software designer. Andrew's also dad to two 2 children, ages 7 & 9.  When we asked Andrew what got him started in the app world, he said,…
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BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPOP Featured Movie (geared to 3rd Grade and up) is awesome and it is FREE!  This app features an informative, amusing, animated movie everyday and is accompanied by an interactive quiz, that keeps your score. "Our curriculum-based topics span Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Engineering, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health." This month’s content is…
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Stack the States

Stack the States, by Dan Russell-Pinson, is a fabulous educational app! We first noticed this terrific app, back in early October 2010 while introducing students to the iPad. After watching children of all different ages and abilities, react with total focus and lots of laughter, we were convinced this app was a winner! This game…
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Math Drills

  We use Math Drills, by Instant Interactive, regularly with our students and really like this app. It reminds us of the no-nonsense computer games that were used back in the day. As a teacher, you want content. Math Drills lives up to its name and delivers just what it says, drills. Memorization is the…
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