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Thinkrolls 3 – Kings and Queens by Avokiddo

Oh yes indeedy, they are back! Those cute little balls of attitude are back in Thinkrolls 3 – Kings and Queens by Avokiddo. It is a must have…especially if your kids have grown up with Thinkrolls 1 & 2. As with all the Thinkrolls episodes, it is filled with puzzlers challenging your abilities to think…
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Piko’s Blocks + – Spatial Reasoning Learning Tool

Piko’s Blocks + - Spatial Reasoning Learning Tool by Creetah Ltd. is a fabulous new app that I have been waiting for, for quite some time. Why oh why did I want it so badly? Because, it facilitates design copy, spatial reasoning, and creative thinking and problem solving – all skills needed for practical life. Following…
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