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Learn & Play Tip-a-Day App

    Learn & Play Tip-a-Day App by Brookes Publishing Co. is just what the doctor ordered: Ideas to Boost Young Brains! Promote healthy child development for our youngest children with this free tip-a-day app from Brookes Publishing! Recent research states again and again that the first few years are critical in getting your child prepared to be a successful,…
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10 Tips for Getting Young Children READY for School!

10 Tips for Getting Young Children READY for School! Many of the things that we do on an everyday basis are advancing our youngest children to be prepared for school. Language development spikes in the first two years of life and we need to take full advantage of these valuable opportunities. Exploration and discovery attribute…
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kids games, baby play app

  kids games, baby play app by Milad Fakhr This is an adorable app for babies and toddlers to learn new words with gorgeous photographs. These images are accompanied by sounds associated with the object. If you want to get real fancy you can go into the settings in the app on your iPad and…
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