Cell and Cell Structure by Emantras

  Cell and Cell Structure, by Emantras Inc - From the same developers that brought you Frog Dissection. This app is quite a scientific undertaking with state of the art graphics, videos, quizzes, and interactive activities. This app is designed for the middle school grades to completely immerse them in deeper learning about cell structures of both plant and animal. We feel it is just as appropriate, if not more so, for the high school learner. This app provides a fascinating journey learning about cells, cell parts and structure, and their specific functions. As you enter the app you are greeted with some eerie music that immediately captures your attention. On the landing page, you are given a choice of: - All About Cells, which is a slide show organized by a table of contents. - Videos - two on plant cells and two on animal cells. - Three interactive activities. It is easy to navigate in and out and topics are clearly labeled.  With such extraordinary visuals, this app makes the entire process of understanding cells and the different functions, within each cell, easy to grasp. TWA highly recommends this app to science teachers everywhere, and to any student who may need a better understanding of this microscopic topic. It’s interactive, informative, and offers a complete instruction to the cell. Students can learn independently, use as a pre-class activity, or to review for a test. Teachers will find numerous ways to use this great app in class.

Labeling Quiz - for the different parts of a cell.

As teachers, one of the features we like best is the simple animated Venn diagram. It shows what components are different and which ones are alike, and the wonderful diagrams included in the quiz. We really can’t say enough about the great user interface and the potential this app holds for deeper learning.  
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  1. […] Cell and Cell Structure, by Emantras Inc, is quite a scientific undertaking with state of the art graphics, videos, quiz, and interactive activities.  […]