TWA Announces New Certified Apps

NEWteacherwithapps-768x753The TWA Certificate is very valuable for us. We are grateful for such a high score. Thanks to Jayne and all the TWA team who do a great job helping parents make a choice.

A Parcel of Courage

a_pacel_of_courage_new_iconThe story in our interactive book is based on real events. Our children missed their grandparents very much as we had moved to another country. But as the saying goes, it's important to always look at the bright side of things. We came up with a family bed story, and every night we talked about how the kids’ grandparents should come and visit us.  The main problem was that the grannies were afraid to fly by planes. I remembered all of my skills in the book publishing business and in psychology. My husband, a designer who creates beautiful websites, supported me and we decided to make our first interactive book three years ago. Perhaps it is hard to believe, but it took us around two years to make it. We invested a lot of love and knowledge in it. Our lovely grandparents visited us a few times (they read our story in our letters and saw the sketches of the book’s illustrations =). imagesBut we wanted to share more than just a funny story about the magic power of love and the fulfillment of dreams. In addition to the interactive tasks and mini-games within the story, in I Read and I Listen to modes, we created an independent I Play section where we used simple techniques for the development of the logic, memory, attention skills and creative abilities of children. The Montessori and Shichida methods seemed to us very harmonious ways to develop children’s abilities comprehensively, so we used them in our app. We improved our app over time and translated it into other languages (now it's available not only, in English but also in French, German, Chinese, Korean and Spanish).  Special thanks to the Bali Mandarin Center who helped us translate and narrate the app into Chinese. It was a very useful experience. We also want to thank the students of the  ISIT  (The Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication) in Paris for their nice offer to translate the app into French, we hope French-speaking countries will love our app. Since our children move around the world a lot,  the knowledge of languages is absolutely necessary. Professor Makoto Shichida advised to read short excerpts from a book in the kid’s native language during the day, and then to read the same piece of the text in a new language. Try it, maybe your kids will like it and learn! grandmas_kitchenThe TWA Certificate preparation has inspired us to have new ideas.  Now every game level in the I PLAY mode rewards kids with mysterious objects which transform into a magical airship at the end. We figured it would make the short mini-games more interesting and fun so that the child will have even more incentive to go through all the mini-games until the end. I think in a couple of months, this update will be the delight of our young readers. This was our first collaboration with my husband and our own children, now we have learned a lot and we know what we can do improve. We found great specialists and scientific consultants who now help us make the apps. As usual, it takes us a very long time to make anyone high-quality educational app =). But I hope we will continue to delight children and their parents with new apps. We are looking forward to any response about our work and pay much attention to criticism. I want to remind parents and kids (and all the team of TWA) that at the end of the story, the readers get to light their own magic paper lantern which helps to send out good thoughts and wishes so that they may come true! We checked - it works). Join us on Follow us on You can learn more about our team and our family at To enter The Teachers With Apps Certified Apps  next round apply below:
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