Checking For Plagiarism In Google Docs: Edit Where You Write


Checking For Plagiarism In Google Docs: Edit Where You Write

After recent integration with Google Classroom, Unicheck, a leading plagiarism checker has already announced a new add-on release for Google Docs.

For the user this plagiarism checker add-on introduces the same core functionality, combined with several new convenience-level changes involving better document inspection and the shorter time span for checks, advancing the workflow.

What makes Unicheck Add-on a writing essential?

Unicheck is a similarity detection system that helps both students and teachers review the written assignments and identify similarities, avoiding plagiarism issues.

Unicheck is integrative and is widely used by educators as a part of Learning Management System. Fast, convenient and incredibly accurate system with clear color-coded report is now available in Add-on version that will help many learners and writers keep their writing plagiarism-free.


Saving the efforts with a new add-on

Workflow. The workflow now gains more flexibility as a new add-on integrates directly into the word-processor, meaning that you access the service wherever you are.

To start using add-on, open your Google Doc, select “Get add-ons” in the top menu, find Unicheck in the store and install the add-on.

Now, every time you need to proofread the document, just open the document and select Unicheck from the list of Add-ons installed.

You’ll see the familiar interface of Google Docs with a square pop-up where you need to sign up or sign in your existing account. When you are in, press the check and confirm, it will take no longer than several seconds to get your paper analyzed, at the right corner you’ll see the report.


Unicheck in Google docs can detect similarities, citations, and references. Now you can track the similarity matches and view them on the original page. If necessary, certain similarities along with citations can be excluded from the list, and included back.

In the full report, you’ll see the highlighted similarities, citations, and references. Sentences with similarities are shown in yellow, citations in blue and references in violet. You can also navigate the writing clicking on the minimap in the left top corner of the report.


Viewing the full report will allow you to find the exact sentences with similarities, fix them and make sure your Google Document is plagiarism-free prior to submission.

Document inspection. Unicheck is a perfect solution for the students and teachers who regularly check assignments for the plagiarism issues.

Unicheck standalone version already features outstanding possibilities for the in-deep search, but the new add-on installed right in GDocs lets the user see similarities, and then correct and edit them right in your Google Document.

The add-on prevents the frustration from copy & pasting the text from one program to another or handling multiple tabs at once.


Unicheck is a similarity detection software that specializes in K-12 and Higher Ed sector.  Teachers and instructors in over 650 educational institutions rely on highly integrative, cutting-edge technology for plagiarism detection and prevention. Offering various methods and integration frameworks, Unicheck has managed to become a highly adaptable solution that ensures seamless workflow within popular LMSs like Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, Schoology, Blackboard, and others.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this,..This is the best way to check your plagiarism in google document..Also beneficial for the teachers and students