Circuit Maze Video Student Reviews

Circuit Maze Student Video Reviews

Circuit Maze is a fun and engaging game for children aged eight and above.The game includes a game board, game pieces, and a set of cards. The board is a grid in which the pieces fit into each square. The game pieces have strips of metal in a variety of configurations that allow the power from the batteries to flow through each piece. The cards come in three difficulty levels: easy, intermediate, and expert. The front of each card shows the player what pieces they will need to complete the challenge, which beacons should be lit and/or not lit, and the locations of the first three- four pieces that players need to begin the puzzle. Once the pieces are in place, students must fill in the remainder of the circuit by placing the card suggested pieces in the appropriate locations. The pieces can also be rotated adding another level of challenge. Solutions can be found on the back of each card allowing the child to double-check their work.   My students loved experimenting and playing with Circuit Maze.  Their video reviews speak for themselves.  Take a look and learn how to use this amazing game at home and in the classroom. Read the full review at:    
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