Clue Catcher – A Vocabulary Assistant

clue-catcherpngClue Catcher by Golden Mean Advisory Resources LLC is new on the scene and fills a void of helping students develop vocabulary skills through context clues and inferencing. Very often students struggle to make sense of clues to understand the meaning of a word, inference itself is a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. Clue Catcher does a marvelous job of simplifying this process into an equation of sorts by teaching kids to first look at the words or phrases surrounding the vocabulary word, have the option to highlight them, give them "think clues" which rephrases the sentence and then a choice of three word options are given for the student to choose the one word that most clearly is an equivalent replacement for the given vocabulary word. All of this is done in a sleek format with a clean interface to help build the necessary skills needed to define unknown words. By teaching students to utilize context clues you are opening the doors to becoming more proficient at inferencing which leads to stronger reading comprehension, by far the most important piece of reading. clue-catcher-3
  • DIFFERENTIATE YOUR CONTEXT CLUE LESSONS EASILY ~use different grade level vocabulary to meet each student’s needs
  • EASILY IDENTIFY THE “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” WITHIN SENTENCES ~ teach students the skill so they can apply it themselves

  • WHOLE GROUP LESSONS WHEN CONNECTED TO YOUR SMARTBOARD ~ teach your whole class the skills of using Context to define unfamiliar words when connecting to a SmartBoard

    cluecatcherComprehension is understanding what is being said or read. When it comes to reading, it is an active process that must be developed if a learner is to become a proficient reader. Effective reading skill development is further accomplished when the learner becomes proficient in literal, inferential and critical comprehensive reading. Obviously, the developer here knows what tactics work and has formulated a keen and engaging application to help all students advance in reading, she is an experienced Speech Language Pathologist and the design clearly demonstrates this app was put together by a professional. Clue Catcher is especially relevant for the struggling reader or the student with speech and language challenges. The app has built-in data collection and permits you to reset it at any time, extra practice for individual review is a snap. The app covers material geared for 3rd to 12th grades and there is a lite version of Clue Catcher available to try before you buy! imgres-14 FEATURES
  • view the target word both in isolation and within a content rich sentence
  • highlight the keywords within a sentence that will help a student to generate an appropriate definition
  • select a ‘Think Clue’ which will guide the student through higher-level critical thinking skills which will help them relate to the word in a way that is meaningful
  • select the best choice from three options
  • keep track of correct and incorrect responses, for progress monitoring and data collection purposes
  • set up individual students and assign them to specific grade level vocabulary lists
  • change the grade level assigned to specific students as their skills improve
  • discontinue and pick up at a later time, without losing your data
  • ideal for group or individual instruction
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