Collins Big Cat In the Garden Story Creator

Collins Big Cat In the Garden Story Creator, by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, is a real romp in the garden - bugs, mud, and all, as two young boys go on the adventure of their lifetime! This app, geared for beginning readers, will engage young children right from the start. They’ll be curious about what happens next and stay glued to the unfolding escapade. This simple story is all the more fun as Mum works on, unaware of the havoc happening in the garden. They start their explorations in a tent, move to the sandpit, through the grass and piles of leaves and eventually end up in the mud. As they move about, they have a magnifying glass and are on a mission to collect all the insects. Guess how it ends? Yep, finally ending up in the bathtub. The index has great information for parents or teachers to get the most out of this book and this was part of what put it so high on our list. Once the child has had ample experience with the story they can give it a go and re-tell the story in their own words, developing language, sequencing skills, and fluency. There is even a quiz! The perfect way to develop essential literacy skills and learn how to transfer good reading to great writing. This book has been carefully leveled for children aged 4+.


  • An animated, interactive book that brings the story to life
  • Audio narration, music and sound effects to aid language learning – read along with the narration as the words are highlighted
  • Opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills by recording your own narration and sound effects – perfect for storytelling and to hear progression over time
  • Hidden surprises to discover on every page and a Collins Big Cat quiz to see what you can remember
  • Transfer reading to writing using Story Creator: make your own book using pictures, characters and key vocabulary from the story, transforming readers into writers
  •  Gives practical guidance for adults helping children to develop their reading, writing and communication skills.
ABOUT COLLINS BIG CAT:  This popular reading series is used and trusted by over 9000 UK primary schools, as well as English-speaking schools all over the world. Now available on the App Store for the first time, we’ve brought the quality that teachers, parents and children have come to expect to our digital versions of the books.
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