Collins Big Cat: It Was a Cold, Dark Night Story Creator

  Collins Big Cat:  It Was a Cold, Dark Night Story Creator, by Harper Collins Ltd, is the perfect way to engage young children into the wonderful world of literacy. Collins Big Cat has teamed up with award-winning educational developers, Shoo Fly, to create apps. This simple yet adorable story, written and illustrated by Tom Hopgood, is about Ned the Hedgehog, who was looking for a home on a cold, dark night. Does he live down a little hole? No. Does he live down a big hole? No. As leaves fall to the forest floor and stars twinkle in the night sky, Ned needs to find a warm place to sleep for the winter. This darling character is turned away again and again until he finally gets some help from the bats in the old barn.           Harper Collins has created the perfect balance of audio, interactivity, and visuals that never distract from the storyline itself. This is the kind of ebook that kids will ask for over and over again. A cute paw print icon id used to help kids find the surprise interactivity on each page. The audio narration can be turned on or off as well as the music and sound effects. Always helpful and included here is the read along with the narration where the words are highlighted as they are spoken. A very cool feature is the capability to have the child record their own narration and sound effects.

          It doesn't end there, this app also includes a comprehension quiz that allows you to return to the text if you are not sure, very thoughtful. Wait, there's more!  A Story Creator is part of the package and here kids can choose the scene, objects, characters and text to make their own story! The ability to narrate your story is available as well. This app doesn't cease to impress!

• Transfer reading to writing using Story Creator: make your own book using pictures, characters and key vocabulary from the story, transforming readers into writers • Practical guidance for adults helping children to develop their reading, writing and communication skills

This popular reading series is used and trusted by over 9000 UK primary schools, as well as English-speaking schools all over the world. Now available on the App Store for the first time, Collins Big Cat has brought the quality that teachers, parents, and children have come to expect to digital versions of their books.

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