Come Fly Away and Learn Languages with Gus on the Go on Android

Edutainment app takes early language learning to new heights

Gus-On-The-Go-App-Icon-PolishLittle ones can take off on a language learning adventure, discovering new words through engaging vocabulary lessons and reviews, with Gus on the Go on Android. Featuring adorable animations and fun exercises, Gus on the Go teaches children the basic concepts of 14 languages with exciting visual and auditory lesson on numbers, colors, shapes and more.  Any child can now master the second language through a fun, multi-sensory journey on any tablet or smartphone.

Gus on the Go on Android is the latest edition of toojuice, LLC.’s popular Gus on the Go series of second language learning apps. Gus, an animated traveling owl, guides children on an interactive series of 10 vocabulary activities. After completing each lesson, Gus playfully encourages them to unlock the next adventure by reviewing what they have learned. Delightful animal noises, transportation sounds, and vibrant animations motivate children to see, hear and touch objects in a simple creative way. Most importantly, Gus on the Go helps children improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and basic vocabulary proficiency.

“Gus on the Go makes learning fun and practical for children who are building their vocabulary skills,” said Yonatan Mittlefehldt, Founder of toojuice, LLC. “Gus on the Go is great for teaching children through interactions within an engaging and completely educational environment. Gus on the Go has been a highly personal project for us and we’re excited for both parents and children to begin learning.”


Gus on the Go features

- New games, unlocked by completing lesson reviews

- Fun interactive animations and sounds

- Access to country and city maps

- Trophy room to track achievements

- Native language audio speaker

Gus on the Go on Android is available on the Google Play Store

Gus on the Go is also availableon the iTunes store




About toojuice, LLC.

toojuice, LLC. specializes in developing apps dedicated to helping children embrace their native language and other languages as well. While enhancing early childhood development, Yono and Alice, with children of their own shared their deep love for languages with Gus on the Go in 14 fun learning languages. Each version of Gus on the Go contains 10 interactive lessons with nearly 90 vocabulary words from the following categories: Animals, Food, Clothes, Transportation, Parts of the Body, Numbers, Shapes, Colors. Gus on the Go is a great way to learn a new language or supplement your child’s language curriculum.

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