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Amazingly Brilliant & Comprehensive Visual Vocabulary Apps by Communications APPtitude LLC 9ea599_0a947f0865cd4ed9bce55fab7297d636.jpg_srz_p_101_101_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 9ea599_947d961c9a5545fca08fd7c776ca7886.png_srz_p_95_96_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 9ea599_62a61f7266554e2a8a988fc27c4ff40e.jpg_srz_p_111_103_75_22_0.50_1.20_0A trio of vocabulary apps just for middle school and high school students is just what the app store has needed for a while. Just recently, I was fortunate to come across Communications APPtitude at the ASHA 2014 convention in Orlando Florida. These apps created by two SLPs are extraordinary. As I observed and listened to a short presentation about the apps, I found myself with ‘goosebumps’ on my arms from excitement and awe! j3Wordquations is outstanding with its ability to create a synonym for verbs, but more importantly, it creates an understanding of the synonym with two separate modes or activities. In one mode, the user chooses a word from a synonym word list and then the app uses a built in the formula to create meaning for the verb by adding the parts that make the whole; a base word plus characteristics that create the synonym. For example, choose the word ‘brush’ from the word list and watch this app’s amazing ability to create additional meaning for the word; ‘touch’, ‘quickly’, ‘powerfully’, ‘to remove small pieces’. This app gives students the opportunity to choose just the right word for a writing assignment with superb meaning attached. Beautiful crisp age appropriate pictures and the visual cues that many students need to grasp the meaning. But wait there is more! Untitlej4 In the other mode, choose a verb from the bottom of the screen and the characteristics for the word yourself (speed, intensity, and motive). For example, choose the verb to understand and simply choose the specific word characteristics from the choices available and a synonym will be created. Either mode includes short videos with mime actors to create additional word meaning with memorable and fun pantomime (it will make you smile) just by tapping the synonym word on the screen. j5I was amazed at the simple actions in the videos that depict meaning. How I wish, this app was available when my daughter with dyslexia was going through middle school and high school. I highly recommend this app. InferCabulary and InferCabulary 3 are two more amazing apps by Communication Aptitude that help a user infer meaning using visuals and short audio with three features; TEACH, WORD GAMES, and DEFINITION GAMES. InferCabulary contains 100 words from popular literature and InferCabulary 3 includes 100 Tier two-vocabulary words from “Of Mice and Men” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Again all I can say is that these apps are absolutely amazing and genius! Visually appealing with spectacular photos that allow the user to understand the meaning of the word by inferring meaning from the photos with additional short audio phrases. The narration and photographs are superb with clean crisp audio and graphics. The TEACH feature presents a vocabulary word along with five photographs that present an audio phrase when tapped. The student may choose specific words from the alphabetical list or tap NEXT to see the next word on the list. This is a brilliant way to allow students to access the meaning of vocabulary that is used in popular literature as well as required literature that is being used in middle school and high school. 9ea599_7fbf0c08cabd4ebf81cdd52557e20bf4.jpg_srz_p_276_357_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Both the j8WORD and DEFINITION features offer a game like feel with four types of play; Novice, Speed, Sudden Death and 3 Lives. This type of learning is engaging and entertaining for students and allows opportunities to test their new vocabulary knowledge. Every student should have access to these amazing apps while reading so that they can quickly access visual meaning for unfamiliar vocabulary. Coming soon is an additional feature (CONNECT) for InferCabulary and InferCabulary 3 where the user will be able to experience a multi-sensory CONNECTion to actual letters in the word thereby taking away opportunities to accidentally associate incorrect words and concepts. I look forward to this additional feature, which will further enhance these amazing visual vocabulary apps. Finding the appropriate synonym that describes my overwhelming amazement for this trio of apps is on my list! I bet APPtitude can help me with that! Wordquations, InferCabulary and InferCabulary 3 should be on every iPad that is associated with middle school and high school students as well as those educating that population. Every student should have the opportunity to experience the visual vocabulary that has been created byCommunications APPtitudeBravo to the developers for these AMAZING, BRILLIANT, and COMPREHENSIVE vocabulary apps! title-icons
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