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icon_comomola_planetsComomla Planets is an imaginative and innovative puzzle-like game that invites you to place the interactive pieces in the proper place in order to complete the surface of the planet, all while the planets are in motion. The players must skillfully conceptualize and apply the knowledge to figure out what goes where! This new app is great for the whole family and continues in rigor as you advance from one level to the next. It contains both educational and entertaining content that will keep players playing and returning again and again.

Comomola games are based on responsible entertainment, always working with positive values, such as friendship, equality and respect.

Comomola Planets contains 30 different planetoids to play and has over a hundred puzzle pieces to place. The graphics are simple yet sleek and appeal to any age level. The animated animals and objects get placed according to their habitat and come alive when they are set in the right region. This delightful app gives many opportunities for conversations surrounding a full gamut of topics that parents and teachers can take advantage of. For instance, interactions can easily segue into discussions about the solar system, environmental science, and even language arts.

As the play advances, you are challenged by placing the puzzle pieces with several adjoining habitats. For example, an alligator may be half on land and half in the water, be prepared for the environments to bloom, and volcanoes to erupt or an island to trick you up as it is completely surrounded by water!! Too slow or several misplacings and you'll be required to try again!

Staggered throughout the game-play are surprise packages with cool characters and objects. When you think you have the game down pat the planets reveal sliding landscapes that require a bit of critical thinking in order to successfully rearrange the pieces in their correct yet diverse habitats. The serene music can help you concentrate or it can be turned down if you find it distracting. This is a great example of a game that can be entertaining, engaging, as well as educational.

The Comola Studio has done it again, this app is a stellar superstar! They indeed do make apps to spark the imagination and instill a natural love of learning along the way!

Fill the whole galaxy with life!

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