Creating a game for kids

logo_comomola-1For Comomola it is a pleasure to share with Teacher with Apps this humble post that explains what is behind the creation of an app for kids, as a page specialized in this kind of apps, we think that our point of view will be of interest to its readers. To have a good idea for a game for kids, the first thing you have to do is become a child, take out the kid that we all have inside, only in that way you will approach at least a little to create a product of their interest. This is not an easy task, because our heads are full of constraints, limits and stereotyped ideas about the preferences of children. Often in the process of creating and searching for ideas, we consult with our own children and then we can realize that they can lead the way in the creativity part and add many advantages. When something inspires us, we have to go down to their ground level in order to understand their crazy ideas and see what can come out of their recommendations. Creating a game for kids

Creating a game for kids

Our games are very varied, we like to explore different paths, create a world of color and fantasy where our family of characters can have fun, we love animals, cartoons and also stories and scenarios that children can recognize. Once the idea is found and clearly marking the lines that we will not pass: not include violence, not promote negative values, preserve the privacy of children, and of course, not include ads, we analyze the creation process, both technically and artistically, and we go for it!
Creating a game for kids
This part is exciting and complex, during the process sometimes the project changes and adapts to the improvements we find along the way, in others because the implementation of ideas does not work as we expect, in the end, we always find a way to enrich the product. The gameplay is another very important aspect involved in creating an app for little children, we need to understand that kids don't need elaborate instructions and that the user interface is intuitive to handle the game, avoiding complex behavior or dead ends, it is important that the kid always has control, as we have seen in our test with children, any small difficulty becomes a great frustration for them. With the gaming ready and the arts created, everything is ready for programming, animation, inclusion of music and sound effects, optimization and many hours of testing and debugging, after a good packaging of the product we have prepared the game to go to stores, we just have to wait and hope that children and their parents can find Comomola, we think they will love the experience! Enjoy our games! by Jose Luis Sanchez
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  1. A great way to get started making games or even coding concepts!

    (We’ve just brought out some maths games as an app. Any and all feedback appreciated Emile Maths Games App)