Coosi Box : Creative Drawing and Share Imagination App

  icon_175[2]Coosi Box : Creative Drawing and Share Imagination by Yellephant Co., Ltd. is an app that comes preloaded with gads of giggles! Warning, this creative brainstorm of an app can be very addictive once a child gets going. Coosi Box fosters the much-needed imaginative element that is lacking in so much of what a typical child’s day involves. Here is how it works, and it may at first confuse the adult after a theme has been picked a palette of drawing tools and a blank page appears. The child has a choice of three different tools: a crayon, a medium paint brush, and a large paintbrush as well as sixteen colors to choose from. Draw away, whatever the little one’s heart desires and then save by pulling the arrow down for the count of three. You do need to be connected to the Internet to save you're all of your wonderful works of art, this could be an issue if your child is away from WIFI. IMG_0474Oh La La, a series of animated scenes appear and they are touting your drawing and in all kinds of unexpected ways in relation to the theme that was originally chosen. They grow, they sparkle, and they become abstract designs just by tapping the screen. This app is a great tool to initiate storytelling and build on plot, theme, character, and of course sequencing. Don’t be surprised if you see some words accompanying the sketches, as this is a natural progression for a preschooler. As with all apps geared for children of this age group we recommend spending some time with your child to help build language skills and allow the communication of ideas, feelings, and questions. IMG_0473 Coosi Box allows for unlimited experimentation and failure is not a factor, FUN is the focus! Don’t let the app fool you though, all kinds of learning experiences are happening and this is the way in which we want to promote foundational skills. Fine motor abilities, an often overlooked necessity, are promoted along with a gamut of others. Try using a stylus to help little ones gain more hand control. Themes are updated regularly to give kids the anticipatory curiosity to return again and again to see what's new. IMG_0472These original picture stories can then be shared via a private art gallery for all Coosi Kids to see and like. The heart button is available to like friends pictures globally. Kids do love the silly sounds throughout, luckily if you, as an adult find it an annoyance you can turn the volume down. The parents page is super simple and gives a basic overview. Additional features - Process-oriented - Free & Fully ad-free - No in-app purchases - Ideal for kids aged 5 - 8    
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