Check Out the Cosmic-Watch!

imgres-2Cosmic-Watch is not just a clock, it's an astronomical instrument which visualizes the cycles of the Earth and the solar system, helping to understand how we measure and experience time over thousands of years.
This app from the developers Celestial Dynamics AG is well worth looking into for both home and school use. The Earth is the central focal point of the Cosmic Watch. It can be used to demonstrate the apparent movement of the sky and celestial objects around us. It also shows beautifully the concept of the celestial sphere and celestial coordinates used in navigation and to locate objects in the sky. There are 15,000 cities and big towns in the Cosmic Watch database, we couldn't include every town in the world.
The Cosmic Watch has 3 main modes. To start from zero press on the logo icon at the top left-hand corner.The main modes are:
  • WORLD CLOCK: Timekeeping
  • ASTRONOMY: constellations and planets on your sky
  • ASTROLOGY: a different kind of astral chart
In ancient times these three disciplines were united. We thought it interesting to show the relationship of these disciplines, as they use the same basic knowledge.
The Clock mode is the default setting to use the Cosmic Watch as a desktop clock.
The Astronomy mode shows the constellations, the horizon, and the planet names. Use this mode to find the planets in your local sky. In combination with the time control, you can find out the time of rising, transit, and setting of the celestial bodies.
The Solar system mode is the clockwork of the Cosmic Watch. It stays centered on Earth. You can see the inner solar system. Fast-forward time to see the planets moving and understand their apparent motion in the sky. This is the answer to the retrograde motion of planets!


cosmic watch


The Celestial Sphere is a simplified model of the sky, where all the stars are considered to be the same distance away from us, like on the surface of a sphere. It's used for orientation and to locate objects in the sky.
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