Crack the Books by Mobile Education Store

One Textbook. Five Reading Levels. Infinite Possibilities.

For when not all things are equal.

crack-the-books-itextbooksTeachers can spend countless hours trying to find curriculum content to support their struggling readers while challenging their gifted readers.

We hear you.  That's why we designed Crack the Books™ just for you. These revolutionary digital textbooks are the first that can be adjusted for a reading level without sacrificing curriculum content. Targeting 3rd - 6th-grade science and social studies concepts, Crack the Books™ textbooks allow for reading level adjustment from 1st to 8th grade within the same book, making it possible for all students in a classroom to access the same curriculum content regardless of their reading ability. Developed in collaboration with top universities, educators, and specialists, these standards-based, core curriculum aligned digital textbooks include both interactive enhancements and universal design accessibility features.  Designed with the goal of improving reading comprehension, fostering a love of learning, and building reading confidence, Crack the Books™ textbooks give educators a powerful new teaching tool to help all students, from children with special needs to those who are academically gifted. One Textbook. Five Reading Levels. Infinite Possibilities. Available on iTunes. Visit to find out more.
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  1. Laura Anderson

    I would like to purchase “Crack the Book”.