Podcast: Criterion to Determine the Best Educational Apps

Podcast: Criterion to Determine the Best Educational Apps Back in November, this Podcast came together while I was in a home health care facility working round the clock as my father had taken a fall and was in rehab. Original intentions were that I would be in my home office, prepared and relaxed to be part of my first educational Podcast. That didn't quite happen, since Speech Science had already rescheduled - we went ahead and there I was in a "nursing home" with my trusty mac and headphones. Read all about Speech Science below and please listen and leave feedback, thanks.. static1.squarespaceSpeechScience is a print, video, and podcast content producer founded by a group of Speech-Language Pathologists dissatisfied with the pervasive quantity of misinformation across multiple cultures and communities regarding communication disorders, pervasive developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and others. With more than 100,000 monthly listeners across our three podcasts and well more than 100,000 monthly readers of our blogs, SpeechScience impacts nearly half of the world's specialists in communication disorders. Read More Here speechscience+fb+banner+(5)

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Feeling overwhelmed by technology in education? Every week we answer your questions, discuss relevant research and give you updates on the latest and greatest in augmentative and alternative communication, assistive tech and education apps that you can start using in the classroom. Interviews with industry thought-leaders, clinicians, parents, researchers and app developers keep us on the pulse of technology that is helping students be more engaged in the learning process.  
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