Culturally diverse characters are the stars in Heart Street Market!

  Culturally diverse characters are the stars in Heart Street Market™, the new game app for Hearts for Hearts Girls®. “Today’s p512x512bbarents—and their children—are actively looking for culturally diverse content. But most app developers aren’t delivering, especially when it comes to content targeting young girls. Heart Street Market™ plans to change that,” affirms Jen Crisanti, President of app development studio, Splashworks. Heart Street Market is a beautiful adventure featuring four characters inspired by real girls from Ethiopia, India, Mexico, and U.S.A. Traditional motivation to improve a personal avatar is given a heartwarming twist and players are rewarded with the ability to help others. Our objective is to offer girls charming content that sparks an interest in other countries and cultures through play. Heart Street Market builds on popular girl play patterns including: helping others, puzzle style play mechanics, and collecting. Your goal is to build a neighborhood completely, playing games, earning coins and shopping in the global marketplace. You meet characters who give you Missions to acquire the items that each character needs to build her Neighborhood. Play games to earn the coins required to buy the required items in the global market. Eight games are embedded in the neighborhoods. You herd runner ducks, play soccer, catch raindrops, make music with a kitten, and dance in the street with mariachi skeletons and more. As Players complete Missions, they will watch each Neighborhood evolve and animate. There is also a dress-up stall in the market that’s waiting to be discovered — its filled with an array of contemporary and traditional fashions. “It’s deeper, character-driven motivation of the game that is innovative and satisfying,” says Crisanti, “as well as the way it empowers girls to impact the real world as they play. That, in itself, is a unique and wondering feeling for anyone!” Heart Street Market hopes to be just the first offering of a Hearts For Hearts Girls’ digital hub, centered on the physical product but expanding to include more stories, characters, and elements from diverse cultures. Splashworks is already working on a prototype for its second app, Wild Hearts Adventure. In addition to the app, the digital brand also includes a thriving channel on the children’s social media platform, PopJam. Heart Street Market is available on iTunes. About Splashworks Founded in 1998, Toronto-based Splashworks has created games for brands like Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Mattel, American Girl, Game Show Network, The Hub, 9Story Entertainment, and Playmates Toys. After years of creating award-winning products for our clients and their customers, we are turning our expertise towards our own brand that uses the Hearts For Hearts Girls’ license. Our design team has joined forces with American Girl’s former head of digital. We are combining our talents to deliver the best in girl’s games. These are entertaining and informative titles that go well beyond the narrow content offerings present in most girls’ games. H4HG_Diversity_LRG_75 About Hearts For Hearts Girls The brand mission of Hearts For Hearts Girls is to “change the world, one heart at a time.” The award-winning line consists of dolls from different regions of the world, each inspired by the lives and challenges that real girls face today. Created by Playmates Toys, Hearts For Hearts Girls is licensed to MPA Toys for dolls and accessories, and Splashworks for digital games. For more information, please visit
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