Dandelion: A Stunning Story With a Message

  Dandelion, by the author, Galvin Scott Davis, and Protein, is an incredible app experience and surely about to blow the bullies right out of town! Please share and pass on the word, October is the anti-bullying month. The sheer, faceless waif of a child is Benjamin Brewster, the protagonist of the story. He battles the bullies who appear unannounced as dark monstrous silhouettes slinking around and throughout the schoolyard. The illustrations are gorgeous, hand-drawn, and hauntingly beautiful masterpieces. The music is unique and compelling; the narration is the perfect mix of waif versus bully. The scenes are viewed through what looks to represent a retro Instamatic viewfinder mechanism, with a lever to navigate one from page to page. The narration button must be pushed on each page, which gives the viewer time to scan the hazy, dreamlike illustrations.

The Gothic, fortress-like “School for the Misguided,” is where Benjamin is bullied by the dark, menacing monsters. One day, while Benjamin is hiding from the bullies, he plucks a dandelion and makes a wish for happier times. When he returns to school the next day, he sees dandelions have appeared in the most unusual locations. Benjamin finds a refuge in the new patch of dandelions interspersed through a hopscotch board and though they don't literally help him fly away as he wishes, the story makes it very clear that it's his flights of imagination that save him. The story for Dandelion came about when my son experienced bullying at school. As a parent, you are supposed to have all the answers, right? But as we all know, that is not necessarily the case. What to do? I needed to put myself in my son's shoes, draw on my own past experiences and offer him a solution to help him feel comfortable at school again. Being a writer, the idea for Dandelion sprang to mind and I immediately pitched it to my team at Protein.  This interactive children's book/almost movie is unlike any other. Benjamin Brewster needs your help to blow the Dandelions in order to keep the school bullies at bay. The setting is the perfect place to get the courage to confront the bullies, the haunting imagery stokes the imagination and we're sure you'll think of ways to help Benjamin out of his bind. Dandelion was written and developed to encourage children to use their imagination to fend off bullying and to create a story that would communicate the message globally.  
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