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logo-1 DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker Helps People Create Free Custom Logos

DesignEvo, a revolutionary new logo maker provides everyone an online platform to create unique and professional logos for free. It provides over a million icons, 100+ beautiful fonts, and 100+ vector shapes to help users create their own unique visual branding. Check out the DesignEvo FREE Online Logo Maker.

The logo is the most essential part of making any brand recognizable. DesignEvo enables users to create professional logos without using complicated designing software or hiring a professional designer. It’s free and easy to use. Users can find many customization options that they can apply to turn their brand identity into visual art with a few mouse clicks.

img_01“We are thrilled to launch DesignEvo. It will help a lot of people create professional-looking logos without spending much and without wasting time. Whether you’re a small business owner or a start-up who needs a logo design for branding and marketing but don’t have a budget, DesignEvo is a great solution for you,” says Lin Xiao, the CEO of PearlMountain Limited.

DesignEvo provides millions of icons that users can search through from database. All of them are professionally designed and can be freely customized with a unique look. Text, speaks volume for a brand. It’s easy to add company name/business slogan and edit them to have unique typography artwork. DesignEvo has more than 100 fonts and many beautiful word art available that are creative combinations of colors, fonts, and text effects. With a little effort, users can create fantastic logos that meet their own needs.


Users have complete control over how their logos should look like. DesignEvo makes all the elements fully customizable and allows users to boost their creativity with no limitations. The background color can be changed and the text font, size, style and so forth can also be customized with simple clicks.

People who don’t have the time, experience or the budget to pay a designer can have DeisgnEvo to create a logo and use it for their website, business card, marketing collateral and more.

“We aim to make the logo design process simple, fast, effective, and free. DesignEvo eases the process of logo design, and we hope it helps more people to create compelling logos that can take their business/brand to the next level,” says Lin Xiao.

DesignEvo works in all popular browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. With no need to register and download any software, everyone can create free custom logos in minutes.

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