DialMyCalls & Communicate School Updates in a SNAP

imgres-4Keep in contact with your students, their family members, and your own faculty with confidence, DialMyCalls messaging company has been around since 1999. Over the past 7 years, DialMyCalls has evolved into one of the most popular mass notification services online. DialMyCalls app by OnTimeTelecom, Inc. just had an update and provides services to over 80,000 organizations to assist in sending voice or text messages to specific groups at selected times, whether it be an immediate send or scheduled send for a later time. This app is the perfect school notification system and offers educational institutions discounts. With this web-based notification system, this app is suitable for schools of all sizes. Not only can large school districts benefit from such a system but also small day care centers and all school sizes in between. Most importantly, DialMyCalls is easy to use and simple to navigate. The first step would be to record your desired message or type the text, next choose the group of recipients to send it to, then pick a specific time and date for the call to go out or hit send and your message is immediately transmitted. DialMyCalls prides themselves on customer's privacy and is completely safe for school use. school-notification BANNERThis web-based system lets you send mass notifications via automated phone calls, text messages, and emails with no hardware or software required. It also features an intricate contact grouping system that allows you to distribute messages by students, faculty, and parents into separate call groups. This also allows you to group people based on grade, classroom, teacher, etc. Therefore, notifications can be sent to a subset of a larger group, multiple different groups, or an entire group. Easily update parents about: Emergency Text Message Alerts School Closure Alerts Absentee Notifications Planned Lockdown Drills Cafeteria Account Balance Reminders Report Card Reminders Field Trip Notification Sporting Event Changes After School Updates FEATURES: Get detailed reports after your message broadcast has been sent right from within the DialMyCalls App.
  • You'll be able to easily see who received your notification and who didn't
  • One account controls everything
  • With your account, you can access both the app & the online version
  • Your contacts, records, and information will always be available
  • All accounts are able to record messages, send blasts and view reports directly through the app
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