Whole lot of Halloween Puzzles, Right Here

unnamedDigipuzzle is a free site offering hundreds of fun educational games for kids. The games are basic exercises designed to help students practice skills in mathematics, typing, letter recognition, spelling, and geography.
Besides this base set of activities, Digipuzzle also offers theme pages with multiple puzzles and games around a specific theme. In this post, we want to highlight our Halloween page!
On this page you can find several games to practice math with images and math puzzles or play the popular Halloween math Pacman. There are games to practice counting (bats memory, Halloween count-it) and learn Halloween words (word search puzzle, crossword puzzle, hangman and word maps). Besides educational games, the page also contains some fun games like jigsaw puzzles, memory, mosaics, line puzzles, shape puzzles and maze puzzles.
These Halloween games are very suitable to use as a review activity or just to let kids have some safe fun in the classroom. Please check out the site and we are sure you will find something you like!
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1 Response

  1. Marcel van de Wouw

    Hi Jayne,

    I noticed the ‘Halloween’ links are not working… as there is an extra ‘.’ at the end of the link 😉

    Here the correct link http://www.digipuzzle.net/education/halloween/index.htm