Digital Citizenship Synopsis by Teachthought, Edutopia, & Common Sense Media

IMG_0542Digital Citizenship Synopsis by Teachthought, Edutopia, & Common Sense Media - Media literacy and global digital citizenship are quickly becoming key issues in education around the globe. Students must take an active role in distinguishing and establishing ethical digital usage in order to own this concept and accomplish this onerous task. Keeping our kids safe should be our first priority. That won’t happen if we put on the blinders and build barriers and block device usage. Schools need to realize that in doing this they are doing students a disservice. We need to empower kids to explore this new world on their own; it is the only way for them to understand the advantages and dangers of navigating the internet. The following is a vast list of resources for helping teachers, parents and kids learn all about digital citizenship and all it entails, this digital citizenship synopsis has something for everyone.

abcs-of-digital-citizenshipFirst, read Terry Heick's The Definition of Digital Citizenship on his brilliant site Teachthought and continue to his post on The ABCs Of Digital Citizenship.

Check out Edutopia's Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup with a vast and recent collection of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, and digital responsibility. Resources by Topic:rr-digital-citizenship-620x349-01 ed-icon-ibooksDon't forget to visit Common Sense Media and their Digital Literacy & Citizenship Classroom Curriculum They have downloadable Digital Literacy & Citizenship iBook Textbooks from THE iBOOKS STORE. This download is media-rich and has both a teacher editions and student workbook, including videos, interactive lessons, assessments, and more!
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