Digital Kids Summit 17

Digital Kids Summit 17

The excitement begins as my flight to Austin lands and I make my way to a special event hosted by! Stacey Sherman has done a bang-up job and gotten a great crowd together for this event. It has been in San Francisco for about 9 years and the new location didn’t deter anyone from attending.

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Stacey the CEO of Digital Kids Media has put together an awesome lineup with some old and lots of new names and faces. Tonda Bunge Sellers hosts the summit along with Amy Hajdu. Teachers With Apps has worked hard to get the word out about this “special” gathering and I have waited to return to Stacey’s hometown of Austin again, it is an amazing city.

We will be keeping you up to date on all the happenings and share the updates as they happen on Twitter.

Day 1 ~ Chirp's lead Marco Carvalho presented Connectivity Amplified and it was astounding. LOTS More on that later. Wait till you see/hear this!

An International Delegation panel was up next and these experts were monitored by Amanda Gummer, Founder, and CEO of Fundamentally Children and discussed the kids’ digital space abroad and how and what businesses are utilizing to enable kids to learn and play smarter than ever.

Keynote by Chris Williams founder of presented a riveting Keynote: Meeting Kids in the White Space; Pushing Beyond the Limits, which focused on “Seeing your children sit in front of big screen televisions watching their iPhones really changes your perspective on kids media.

We were given a real eye-opener with a panel focusing on balancing form, function, and privacy. The dynamo Krissa Watry from iOKids, Rockstar Izzy Neis of ModSquad, and Dona J. Fraser Director aleading privacy expert from Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) all gave a riveting overview of the difficulties in meeting the challenges and complexities of dealing with the children’s privacy issues.

Diana Lorlano, a lawyer, presented a talk entitled: Rushing to Judgment? A discussion babout the recent federal lawsuit "Rushing v. Walt Disney". She explained "Safe Harbors" and how the privacy laws were changing, which is something you are going to need to be familiar with whether you are a developer or educator or parent.

Next up was the dynamic father and son duo. Ole Vidar Hestaas, Co-Founder and CEO founded Kudos to teach young people to use social media to build a better world. Kudos was inspired by his own children, essentially Andreas, his 10-year-old son who accompanied him to the conference. Ole and Andreas took the stage and explained how their app was designed to be a fun social-sharing experience like Instagram for tweens. Kudos plans on engaging communities where kids can use the power of social media to build a better world. Watch out for this one, it appears to be taking off!






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  1. Jayne, what a fabulous review of Summit! I am humbled by your praise. Thank you for all of your marketing efforts. Your support has been fantastic! You truly captured the spirit of Summit in your blog review! Thanks for everything!

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