Dr. Panda Town: Vacation

IMG_0098 Dr. Panda Town: Vacation is the newest addition to the Dr. Panda Town series. It provides all the denizens of Dr. Panda Town a little rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of their busy days. But make no mistake, this app delivers serious educational content. Dr. Panda has always designed apps for the very young allowing them to explore and learn about typical routines and activities of family life. Many events or habits that we engage in are new for children and can be overwhelming because kids don't know what to do or expect. Vacations are one of those events in a child's life that takes them out of the everyday safety net of daily activities and throws them into unclear and often disruptive circumstances. Play offers opportunities to habituate to sights, sounds, and expectations.

Inside Dr. Panda Vacation

The Town series offers children the whole package – Both Dr. Panda Town and Mall apps work seamlessly together to create a magical world for kids. As both a parent and clinician I value the fact that Dr. Panda has created a world where I can choose to add components when able. Downloading the app is free so that you can try the basic structure and flow of the app. There are IAPs available to expand the primary content. There are five destinations to choose from once boarding this vacation cruise ship!
  • The Beach
  • A Forest
  • The Snowy Environs of Mountainous Regions
  • The Deep Sea
  • Activities on a Cruise Ship
Play within the app is paced by the child allowing them time to process new information on their own terms – which is a gift to be commended. I love the fact that if you own Dr. Panda Town or Mall, items and characters can be brought into Vacation. By tapping on the map icon in the right-hand corner, you can visit any of the places within Town's format. This is a brilliant touch by Dr. Panda to allow kids to bring familiar items to explore something new – making the experience less intimidating. In addition, kids can also choose to make their stories during the day or night that brings a temporal timeline into the day's events. On testing the app with preschoolers, you often hear them begin to tell a narrative about their experiences fostering language and the ability to sequence events. On testing the app with preschoolers, you often hear them begin to tell a narrative about their experiences fostering language and the ability to sequence events. All items help familiarize kids with the environment including clothing, activities, and foods. Playing with the app and then exploring new activities and meals can help prepare kids for what is to come on a family's upcoming adventures. There are a few surprise features within the destinations that delight kids time after time. Kid's loved the zip line in the mountains and the deep-sea treasure chest.

In Summary

Dr. Panda Vacation is a fabulous addition to the Town series. The component pieces of the app allow parents and educators the choice of adding components pertinent to their families or students. It is one-time purchase without the added burden of a subscription. Through play, Dr. Panda offers opportunities for kids to make sense of events, routines, and expectations by providing the time and space to explore. Highly Recommended. Originally published on Developmental Play and Learning: https://wp.me/p8oyCs-Eb      
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