Dragon Shapes and Shape Arts – Two Gorgeous Geometry Apps

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge and Shape Arts: Geometry Creations, both by Lighthouse Learning, are two drop dead gorgeous apps you don't want your kids to miss. They provide much FUN and super serious brain training! These apps are both designed with critical thinking in mind, deeper learning, and focus on problem-solving through trial and error. Perfect skills for today's kids to be immersed in! We field-tested these apps with several diverse groups of kids and at the end of each session we got the same question, “Can we play again, please?”   imgres-4Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge features simple geometric puzzles with a super cool storyline. The app contains as a sequence of 50 math puzzles for ages 6-11. Dragon Shapes was just right for one eleven years old we worked with, although it didn't take him long to progress to the stage of needing the full version, which has a purchase price.  In the next session, he was on to Shape Arts, which was better suited to his abilities, as he is a master puzzler. As teachers, we really appreciate the fact that these puzzles are not for the faint of heart. Children really need to be exposed to more challenging problem solving and experimenting with trial and error. To build-up perseverance at an early age and hopefully develop some of that "grit", the latest buzz word for helping students succeed these days.

Benefits for learners:photo (2)

* Improved confidence with math * Knowledge and vocabulary for shapes and attributes * An intuitive sense for geometric relationships * Spatial awareness, visualization, and rotation skills


√ Aligned to school standards for ages 6 to 10 √ 4 difficulty levels from basic to advanced √ First level puzzles are free √ 1 in-app purchase for full access to all puzzles √ Animated story chapters between levels √ Unlock the story, puzzles, and levels as you progress √ Themed characters add fun and adventure √ See your puzzle progress on the pathway √ Inspired by the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle √ Developed with teachers √ Targeted content and hints for every puzzle   imgres-5Shape Arts: Geometry Creations builds on where Dragon Shapes leaves off. The developers state that making something and sharing it with others is a great way to learn. That's the theory behind this wonderful iPad app - children (suggested age 7+) can make and share their own puzzles. The sheer fact that kids can make and share their own works of geometric art, is a genius! Students who progressed from Dragon Shapes onto Shape Arts had a blast designing their own puzzles and challenging others to solve them. The puzzles are categorized into: My Puzzlets, New, Popular, People, and Creatures, as well as an Easy category. After a puzzlet is completed kids may get their own puzzles shared for others to solve, "way cool", according to the children we worked with. One student was so proud when he realized he had made a puzzle that had more than one solution, he dared all to solve it both ways! Shape Arts focuses on putting the child in the driver's seat and encourages creativity and ownership. One thing Lighthouse Learning did, that really stands out as STELLAR, is their attention to the Grown-up Section. It has awesome tips for teachers and parents to extend the learning activities.


√ Make shape puzzles for others to solve √ Hundreds of new puzzles to play √ See how many times puzzles are solved √ Collect marbles as you progress √ Works online and offline √ Save a photo of your work √ No in-app purchase


Immerse kids in rich visual thinking about shapes and their properties. → Math Skills: geometric thinking, spatial visualization, and spatial rotation skills → Math Knowledge: 2-d shapes, shape attributes, rotation, symmetry, angles → Learning Skills: reasoning, problem-solving, creativity, making and sharing The Lighthouse EDUCATION TEAM joined forces with PEDAGOGY EXPERTS and spent extensive time play testing their apps, evident in the fabulous fun, easy to navigate, engrossing user experience! They state their vision is a global community of young learners, delighted in real learning and believe kids deserve rich, 'lost in the moment' learning experiences that are naturally absorbing and fun. They have succeeded royally on all counts!


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  2. […] Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge and Shape Arts: Geometry Creations, both by Lighthouse Learning, are two drop dead gorgeous apps you don’t want your kids to miss. They provide much FUN and super serious brain training!  […]