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Every Thursday the Facebook group ‘Educational App Talk’ EAT organizes a chat on differing educational topics and features a variety of hosts. Participants are teachers, educators, parents, authors, and developers of educational applications. Chats are organized either as a presentation of innovative applications, done by the developer/company or as a broad discussion, where all participants share their opinions, knowledge, and experiences.

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 The next "EAT" chat  will be on 11/9/17

HOSTED: by Sonja Rachelski

TOPIC:  Code literacy - how to get your kids coding


The latest development from SPiN is Freggers Play , a World-Building app cleverly designed to teach coding by inspiring creativity and spatial imagination with storytelling, building, and the ability for children to make their own rules to run their own world, all in 3D! Learn more about Freggers Play HERE



If you would like to host an EdAppTalk contact Tatyana and she will get you and your topic on the calendar. Email: belyatat@gmail.com

tat2linkedin_2_1Tatyana Belyavskaya taught on the college level in St. Petersburg, Russia for more than 20 years and moved to the USA in 1991. Over the next 20-years, she was a software engineer, a web designer, a database administrator, and an information systems analyst. Prompted by their grandkids’ math questions and problems, Tatyana and her husband (who is the software developer) decided to reach more children helping them to master basic math skills. They published a few tablets, phone and desktop applications for arithmetic practice. Tatyana likes to read and travel.

Check out Tatyana's suite of Math Apps here.

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