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HOSTJennifer Crisanti from Splashworks

TOPIC: Get acquainted with Hearts for Hearts Girls make beautiful multicultural dolls and gifts, spreading love around the globe. They have recently released their App – Heart Street Market.



One of the reasons Splashworks is so passionately committed to the Hearts For Hearts Girls brand is that it celebrates diversity. It has deliberately created—through its dolls and their digital content—characters from vastly different parts of the world, including Ethiopia, India, Laos, Mexico, Belarus, Nepal, and more—as well as girls from the U.S. that come from Native American and biracial backgrounds.

The brand’s mission is to “change the world, one heart at a time” by encouraging girls to compare and contrast their own lives with the lives of girls in other cultures. And since $1 of a doll’s purchase price is donated to programs that aid children (through the charitable partner, World Vision), doll owners are actually making a difference in the real world.







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tat2linkedin_2_1Tatyana Belyavskaya taught on the college level in St. Petersburg, Russia for more than 20 years and moved to the USA in 1991. Over the next 20-years, she was a software engineer, a web designer, a database administrator, and an information systems analyst. Prompted by their grandkids’ math questions and problems, Tatyana and her husband (who is the software developer) decided to reach more children helping them to master basic math skills. They published a few tablets, phone and desktop applications for arithmetic practice. Tatyana likes to read and travel.

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