Eddy’s Number Party! HD

  Eddy's Number Party! HD, by Kinderspark, Powered by Scientific Learning, is a wonderful app for any preschooler. What child doesn't like a birthday party? Especially when the surprise party is for an adorable canine and planned by his friends. With this app, kids get to help plan the party and will work diligently to make it happen. Hidden gifts for Eddy are found along the way and the player is rewarded with stickers.  The user interface couldn't be simpler. The concepts are all right on target, and mixing up the FUN with the different antics for each game makes this app completely engaging. The math readiness curriculum reinforcing number skills is paired up with two critical cognitive skills, working memory and attention. Eddy’s Number Party! helps prepare kids for success in school: counting with a one-to-one correspondence, matching numbers with dots, and improving memory and attentional skills are all addressed. There is lots of needed repetition and the children we worked with didn't seem to mind in the least! Designed in collaboration with leading scientists and educational experts, the Eddy’s Number Party! the game is guided by the latest research on how the brain learns best. As each level of play is mastered, children develop the critical cognitive skills that prepare them to thrive in school and become lifelong learners–such as selective attention (the ability to focus on task-relevant information) and working memory (the ability to keep information in mind and work with it to complete a task). Don't miss the link above, it is very impressive and shows that Kindespark really cared about quality when making this app. The scientific research of specifically numerical development and the development of cognitive skill promises to make Eddy’s Number Party! an especially effective learning tool. This is the type of app that could easily be adopted in a preschool classroom setting.  
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