Educate the Educators

  Educate the educators! Kids today seem innately bred for the touch screen. They are so comfortable and so confident that we need to use this motivation to our advantage and incorporate digital media as much as possible. Sadly, most schools would disagree. The challenges of using technology in the classroom are paramount. Lack of appropriate training before implementing a pilot program and districts forgetting about having a budget for purchasing apps are two major gripes. The other problem is that so many educators are oblivious to what's happening in the mobile/digital education arena. Teachers have so much on their plates these days with all the new hype about Common Core Curriculum and standardized testing, that there is little time left for professional development. Are we putting the ‘Cart before the horse’ with iPad Pilot Programs? Yes, we are putting the cart before the horse in many situations and this is not helping the overall transition of implementing mobile devices into the classroom. Therefore, we need to educate the educators. Where do we start? First, administrators need to be on board and support the efforts of recognizing the importance of incorporating technology in their schools. An inordinate amount of time, energy and money go into app development. After the app is released into the App Store, many developers are unprepared for the reality of marketing their app. Enter Ed App Discovery....  the issue is to find that needle in the haystack. There are too many apps, to begin with, and many are unacceptable for educational purposes. It is much harder to find a brilliant app than a mediocre one. The app store doesn't help educators find the best educational apps, either. Enter, TWA - Teachers With Apps - We are working double time to help you find the best apps to assist in the education of a wide spectrum of children's needs.
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