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46 Education App Review Sites For Teachers And Students

by  from Edudemic We try our best to keep our thumb on the pulse of the best education apps and web tools. In fact, we have probably spent way too much time attempting to offer up as many useful product reviews and helpful lists over the past several years. But we’re just two people. Katie and I can’t cover the entire education app industry by ourselves. Luckily, there are dozens of other sites specifically devoted to education app reviews for teachers and students. Whether you’re looking to find the best interactive whiteboard app, a new way to deliver exit slips, or simply a fun educational game that can be used in your classroom tomorrow, these app review sites are definitely your go-to source. There are literally thousands of similar sites out there but I recommend the vast majority of these sites as they’re all well laid out (easy enough to find what I was looking for during my testing of each site) and simple enough to read through. What are your favorite education app review sites? Got any you think this list is missing? Share them down in the comments or head over to the Edudemic Facebook page to offer some feedback!

TOP Education App Review Sites

Sharing some of the best places for educational app reviews. There are also some great iPad resources here: 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom
    1. Teachers with Apps - Because Not All Apps are Created Equal

      Teachers with Apps - Because Not All Apps are Created Equal

      Teachers With Apps has highlighted TEN TERRIFIC APPS for anyone with an iPad and a youngster. These apps cover a variety of different skills and all are engaging, entertaining, and extremely educational! You’ll find these apps are appropriate for a wide range of interests and abilities – the levels span from toddler to preschool to the early elementary grades. Check Them Out!Read the Full Read full Post:
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