Education Spotlight: App Guides for Teachers

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photo 3What would the recipe for your ideal job comprise of? Mine would definitely involve creativity, children and probably something cutting edge, like tech. The written word has always been “my thing” so that too would be included in the mix. The written word would involve some reading of course, which I am passionate about. Add awe, curious minds, vivid imaginations and stir the pot with endless fun. Oh, and lots of field trips since travel has always been at the top of my list!

I have this job, I’m doing what’s called user experience testing or UX for short, with a brand new technology that focuses on reading readiness. I’m traveling back and forth from east coast to west and working with children in the 3 - 5 age range of all different socioeconomic backgrounds. I’m getting to visit all kinds of great facilities. Libraries, Head Start Programs, Preschools, Public Schools, Play Groups, Homeschoolers, we even had the opportunity to check out a dual language after school program combining Mandarin and English. This may not be your idea of the ideal job, but this kind of work is bliss for me.

Today I found myself via a hyperlink, in the Apple Store and discovering a department called Educational Spotlight that I’d never seen before. It appears they have started developing lessons to accompany popular educational apps, This site has valuable resources for teachers using tech in their classroom, just download the accompanying guide and you are good to go. I wanted to share, part of the job! 


Education Spotlight: App Guides for Teachers

Lesson Ideas for Creativity Apps Creativity apps for the classroom fall into several categories, including drawing, filmmaking, white-boarding, coding, and storytelling. We've got informative guides to help educators plan engaging lessons using (featured here) these creativity apps. So far they have represented the creative Stop Motion Studio, Hopscotch, Explain Everything, and Puppet Pals.                                                                    See More Here
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